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Why Bother to Pray?

I will sometimes get the question, “If God is all loving and he knows what I need – why bother to pray?” One reason we should pray is because it brings us to an understanding of the Father’s

heart. Prayer is not meant to lead us to an answer that satisfies our wants or an answer to all our problems. But prayer can help us in dealing with the vast and sometimes mysterious purposes of God. After all, a personal relationship with God cannot exist without communication. Just like a marital relationship is in trouble without open and honest communication so a believer’s relationship with God must have good communication. Human desires, needs, and feelings must be expressed. There must be interchange, a flow of ideas and feelings for any relationship to be healthy and growing. The same is true of the relationship between us and the Lord.

Prayer is an absolute necessity in the relationship between a child of God and the Father. Therefore, Jesus asked, “When I return, will I find people exercising this blessed privilege? Will I find believers expressing themselves to the Father in a warm, loving, trust-filled relationship of faith? Will I find believers expressing to the Father all their hurts, joys, complaints, triumphs, failures, and desires? That is what a faith-filled relationship with the Father is all about.

Why not join us Sunday mornings at 9:30 am for prayer as we lift the needs of the Paoli Community Church family and the surrounding area to the Father?

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