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At What Cost?

Sometimes when the Lord says no to something we want we pin our hopes on a particular individual rather than the Lord and often the person we choose has serious character flaws. At this point, we might want to ask, "What price for victory, or success, or love?" What are you giving up getting that you think you need? What are you allowing into your life? What are you becoming? What happens to your soul? Listen to Jesus:

Matthew 16:26 And what do you benefit if you gain the whole world but lose your own soul? Is anything worth more than your soul? (NLT)

F. Scott Fitzgerald’s classic novel, The Great Gatsby, is about a person who fits this situation. Jay Gatsby reinvents himself, moves to New York, becomes wealthy by questionable means, and throws lavish parties, all in the desperate hope that Daisy, a former flame, will leave her husband and return to him. Gatsby's obsession for Daisy blinded him, consumed him, and finally destroyed him.

Sometimes, we cry out to the Lord, and he does not answer us, at least not the way we want to be answered. At such times, we have a choice: go for the quick fix or go deeper with Jesus. The quick fix may grant you relief for the moment, but it also may destroy you in the end. Israelites in the first century chose not to believe in Jesus because he did not affect the sort of deliverance for which they desired. In Jerusalem, they chose Barabbas, a sword-wielding zealot, over Jesus, the cross-carrying Messiah. Jesus was offering deliverance from Satan, sin, and death, but his contemporaries only wanted deliverance from their human oppressors. Jesus might not bail you out, but rest assured, he will not destroy you because of trusting him. He will offer you a deeper experience of victory, deeper success, deeper love, and draw out of you deeper worship from the heart. He will give you Himself and in Him you will find rest for your weary soul. Why not seek Him today?

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